Nearly 500 bowlers participated in the Zombie Singles No-Tap Tournament Saturday – hoping for a chance at the top prizes for just a $10 entry.

No-Tap is a lot of fun because it increases a bowler’s chance at a strike considerably. Rather than needing all 10 pins for a strike, one achieves the feat with only nine. Nobody gets tapped by the 10 pin (or 7 pin if you’re a lefty).

One in five entries cashed at each of the participating centers (Del Rio Lanes in Downey, Keystone Lanes in Norwalk, Forest Lanes in Lake Forest, Cal Bowl in Lakewood and Saddleback Lanes in Mission Viejo), with various optional sidepots to be won as well.

Perhaps the most fun of the contest came at the end of it though, when the 3-6-9 competition took center stage. Bowlers who prepaid for the tournament by the deadline were eligible to win $50 just for prepaying. A bonus $50 was offered to those who prepaid and competed in a costume.

Have a look at all our costumed characters from the different centers!

And now for the winners.

Upper Division: 164 and above

PlacePaidCenterBowlerHdcp. Score
1st$200.00ForestMatt Edenhofer924
$200.00KeystoneNoma Crook924
3rd$125.00CalBrandon Kelliher909
4th$105.00Del RioNacho Vega871
$105.00SaddlebackGarrett Ho871
6th$90.00CalErrol Gonzalez908
7th$85.00ForestMichael Salorio907
8th$80.00KeystoneBryan Rice895
9th$75.00ForestDave Pisarski892
10th$75.00KeystoneLaSandra Chaney867
11th$70.00ForestRon Dewalt861
12th$70.00CalDanielle Whitlock857
13th$65.00ForestBrian Howard854
14th$62.50SaddlebackTyler Thomas853
$62.50KeystoneSteve Moeller853
16th$60.00CalJames Talley852
17th$55.00KeystoneSarah Schneider850
$55.00CalTJ Hillig850
19th$50.00KeystoneJack Alanis849
20th$50.00CalDerrick Whitlock848
21st$50.00ForestDavid Scott844
22nd$45.00CalRonald Russom843
$45.00ForestSteve Ballard843
24th$45.00ForestJessica Diso838
25th$40.00Del RioDavid New833
26th$40.00SaddlebackDerrick Ho832
27th$37.50CalDavid Regul831
$37.50KeystoneHector Avilez831
29th$35.00CalLaura Bietman830
30th$35.00CalRocky Stenico823
31st$30.00CalArchie Stull821
$30.00KeystoneJr Garcia821
$30.00CalJesse Ignacio821
34th$25.00ForestJon Huff820
$25.00KeystoneDaniel Cordero820
36th$25.00ForestBrad Schroeder818
37th$20.00CalLester Sells817
38th$10.00ForestMark Britton814
$10.00KeystoneDerrick Bell814

Lower Division: 163 and below

PlacePaidCenterBowlerHdcp. Score
1st$225.00CalJulie Grabinski950
2nd$175.00KeystoneMargo Orellana908
3rd$125.00ForestDave Bailey901
4th$110.00SaddlebackJustin Quick899
5th$100.00Del RioClyde Sanford836
6th$90.00CalJessica Alcayde937
7th$85.00CalSusan Dorwin904
8th$80.00CalClara Negrete897
9th$75.00SaddlebackShontel Sherwood896
10th$75.00ForestBrian Renwick888
11th$70.00KeystoneSarah Avilez883
12th$70.00CalTerry Rains870
13th$65.00CalTamara Whitlock869
$65.00ForestShelby Sanders869
15th$60.00CalCharlie Cawlins865
16th$60.00CalBrady Beaulac861
17th$55.00ForestPaul Janosik857
18th$52.50CalBob Wilson855
$52.50KeystoneSydney Haynes855
20th$50.00CalDel Stewart852
21st$50.00KeystoneBailey Knutsen846
22nd$45.00KeystoneJohne Watson845
23rd$45.00ForestDonna Mannle841
24th$45.00KeystoneSindy Cruz838
25th$40.00SaddlebackMyra Real835
26th$40.00CalLenore Knudson831
$40.00ForestLynn Grenier831
28th$35.00CalRon Love828
29th$35.00Del RioSal Nava827
30th$35.00CalJose Lagunas821
31st$30.00KeystoneDonna Ticey817
32nd$30.00ForestCathy Marco816
33rd$30.00ForestJudy Freed814
34th$25.00CalDede Rains813
35th$25.00CalRobert Bejareno812
$25.00ForestTim Rogers812
37th$20.00CalRose Brisson811
38th$20.00ForestJordan Diso809
39th$10.00Del RioMichelle New805

If you won money from the event, please see the front desk at the center you bowled at.

Our next No-Tap tournament will be on November 23. Prepay for the Gobble Gobble Gobble No-Tap Tournament by Nov. 17 and be eligible to win $100 in the 3-6-9 roll off!

Sign up online or see your center manager for details and to include your name in this can’t-miss tournament.


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Sign up to bowl at one of five centers (Del Rio, Keystone, Forest, Cal or Saddleback). By clicking on the center’s link you sign up to bowl the Gobble Gobble Gobble tournament at that center.