DOWNEY, Calif. – The Brunswick Invitational turned the corner on Round 2 with everyone trying to see if Don Julio Tequila was going to build on their lead or if Cal Bowl could put a stop to their perfect 15-0 round.

In the “A” match, undefeated Don Julio Tequila was looking to stay perfect against Cal Bowl who moved up to the second spot after a good week.  Cal Bowl came out looking for the upset and handed Don Julio its first four losses of the season, jumping to the lead in the round with a 4-1 win. Both teams will remain in the “A” match next week in a rematch.  Ramon Torres was huge for Cal Bowl with a 693 set while Brandon Goldon finished big for Don Julio with a 664 series.

In the “B” match, US Foods climbed up to meet first-round winners, DV8.  US Foods dropped the first game by 11 but came back to take the next two and totals by a bunch.  Gabriel Martinez went huge for US Foods with a 694 set while Jeff Carr paced DV8 with a 640.

Saddleback Lanes and Tito’s Vodka were the low 9-6 teams.  Saddleback took the first two games but Tito’s came back to take game three, falling short of totals in a 4-1 loss.  John Vallin led Saddleback with a 588 set while Gary Duran paced Tito’s with a 549 series.

Forest Lanes moved up to face J.A.T. which dropped down after being swept by Don Julio last week.  Forest Lanes came out strong taking game one; but J.A.T. came back big to take Game 2 and looked to have Game 3 and totals in hand until opens on one side and strike outs on the other flipped the script to a 4-1 win for Forest Lanes.  Forest was paced by Bobby Hornacek’s 660 and Jon Diso’s 661 series while J.A.T. was led by David Yamauchi’s 630.

Buddy’s Bowling Supply and Bowling Guys matched up at 8-7.  Buddy’s Bowling Supply came out strong and controlled the match in a 5-0 win. Bobby Campagnale led Buddy’s with a 689 set while Kevin Jones once again was strong for Bowling Guys with a 630 series.

Team Hu$tle and Professional Approach were the low 8-7 teams going into tonight’s action.  This match was all Hu$tle as it swept the match 5-0.  Tony Winn paced Professional Approach with a 560 set while Jello Gray was high for Team Hu$tle with a 600 series.

3 Olives Vodka matched up with Captain Morgan in the 13-14 match.  Captain Morgan jumped up big with a 5-0 win over 3 Olives led by Donell Carter’s 614 set.  Jonathan Gale paced 3 Olives with a 580 series.

Bowlium and Kingpin Pro Shop were the low 6-9 teams.  The night was all Bowlium as it swept past Kingpin Pro Shop 5-0.  Mikey Villarreal paced Kingpin with a 632 set while Billy Myers Jr. was solid for Bowlium with a 642 series.

Rednil Insurance Brokers, Keystone Lanes, Threadworks and Century 21-PEAK rounded out the night’s action.  Rednil booked a 5-0 win over Keystone led by Ryan Huff’s huge 688 set while Keystone was paced by Bill Heffern’s 604.

Threadworks took four from Century 21-PEAK with Century 21 taking Game 2. Mike Cammarata was solid for Century 21 with a 609 set while Arnold Cheesman led Threadworks with a 590 set.

Financial Advisors sidepots went to Jon Diso (257) for $190, with second going to Anthony Santos (252) for $90.  Upper sidepots went to Bobby Campagnale (256) and Anthony Santos (252) for $46 with second going to Stephanie Zavala and Jeff Carr (227) for $10 each and Gabriel Martinez (232) for $20.  Lower sidepots went to Butch Jackson (204) and Mike Cammarata (234) for $51 each.  Upper Super Pot went to Gabriel Martinez (245) for $113 with second to Jason Carrillo (228) for $40.  Lower Super Pot went to Jonathan Gale (222) for $108.

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