DOWNEY, Calif. — Keystone wins! David shines a little in Week 11 of the Brunswick Invitational, but it’s Cal Bowl that stands as Goliath following their rematch of a week ago.

For the second week in a row, the “A” match featured Cal Bowl and Don Julio Tequila, and just like last week, it was Cal taking four points and increasing its point total in the Brunswick Invitational to 21.

Leonard Ruiz led the pair with a 629 series, backed by a big 255 Game 3. Ironically, it would be the lone game Cal would drop for the evening. Jason Buenviaje, back from a brief hiatus, led Don Julio with a 605 set. Don Julio goes to 17 points for the round.

In the “B” matchup tonight, 14-win U.S. Foods got walloped the first game, thanks in a big way to Gip Lentine’s 228 game, a 94-pin win for 13-win Buddy’s Bowling Supply.

However, the rematch of last year’s Brunswick Invitational championship would once again go to JT Diso and company. Diso led the team with a 658 series, and in the second game were led by Charlie Kinstler’s 247 game for a 61 pin win to cut down the totals lead.

In Game 3 U.S. Foods went off! An 825 game to Buddy’s Bowling Supply’s 780 to win totals by 12 pins and help the team jump up to 18 points and into next week’s “A” matchup with Cal Bowl. Bobby Campagnale led the way for Buddy’s with a 643.

The other 13 win teams were Team Hu$tle and Tito’s Vodka, both coming off series wins a week ago. This one was all Hu$tle, which took the first two games and the series by 85 pins. Their lone defeat came by just four pins in Game 3. Leading Hu$tle was Jaime Carrington with a 599. Gary Duran led Tito’s with a 566.

The lone 12-win team in the league coming into the night was Forest Lanes, coming off its dramatic win a week ago. No Bobby Hornacek tonight and no problem for the squad against 11-win Captain Morgan, winning four points, dropping only the third game. Stephanie Zavala led Forest with a 648 series, while Joe Jimenez was the lead for Captain Morgan with 589. Forest took this one by 99 pins.

Bowlium got off to a strong start, but it was somebody needing to step it up for DV8 to end the night on a big note, and that somebody was Blayke Miller in Game 3, shooting 219 to help his squad take totals by 29 pins after a 76-pin Game 3 win. They go to 13 wins for the round and were led by Miller and Jeff Carr’s 565 set. After winning the first two points and going to 13 for the round, Bowlium will regroup. It was led by Vince Duarte’s 599.

After getting just one win a week ago, Junior Amateur Tour (JAT) turned things around in a big way Monday night, taking it to Saddleback Lanes with a 289 pin sweep. Will Jackson led the way for JAT with a 609; while Alex Abieras was Saddleback’s leader with a 513.

Bowling Guys turned frowns upside down a week after getting swept, returning the favor to Rednil Insurance Brokers with a 247 pin win, easily sweeping for the night. Antonio Palangio led Bowling Guys with a 624 series. His team goes to 13 wins for the round. Rednil stays at 9 wins and was led by last week’s superstar Ryan Huff, who shot a 557.

Another team that turned its fortunes around a week after being swept was 3 Olives Vodka, which took its frustration out on Professional Approach to the tune of a 191-pin sweep. 3 Olives was led by Jonathan Gale’s 631 series. Tony Winn shot a 586 to lead Professional Approach. 3 Olives jumps up to 12 wins for the round, while Professional Approach remains with 8.

Next match, same result – a sweep by a team swept the week before. Kingpin Pro Shop’s victim: Threadworks. Mike Villarreal led the league with a 662 series, and was a huge reason who his team jumped up to 12 wins for the season. Chris Eguilos led Threadworks with a 554. They remain at 7 points for the round.

Our final match of the week saw a team break out in a big way, and some might say, shocker, or it’s about time. Keystone Lanes has been the red-headed stepchild of the Brunswick Invitational, and after Game 1 the four-win team (seven overall this season in 11 weeks, or 55 possible points, a .127 win percentage) looked to be headed down the same path again. Shooting just 610 it seemed like the Bill Heffern-led team had nothing.

But something happened. It could be Jonathan Garza’s 80-pin improvement from 108 to 188 between Games 1 and 2. Whatever the case, Keystone Lanes were winners on this night, taking its first series of the season by 71 pins over Century 21-PEAK, jumping up to 8 points for the round. Century 21-PEAK now sits at 3 wins. Heffern led Keystone with a 519, while Bobby LaFromboise led the way for Century 21-PEAK with a 541.

Cashing in the upper-division sidepot was Villarreal (223) and Ramsey Basurto (213) for Game 1, Villarreal (257) and Zavala (253) Game 2, and Ruiz (255) and  Campagnale (243).

Over to the lower division we saw Gale shoot 215 for Game 1, with Winn shooting 218 to win Game 2, and Gale taking the final game with a 213 in Game 3.

The Financial Advisors Pot saw Villarreal win $190 for shooting a 257. Zavala gets $90 for her 241 game.

Two weeks left in the second round of the Brunswick Invitational, and it is getting really good! Were there any surprises this week? Have your Kingpins Fantasy Bowling lineups been doing any good? Not sure what any of this is or means? Come by and check it all out in person. Bowling starts at 8 p.m. in Downey live from stunning Del Rio Lanes.