DOWNEY, Calif. — Tony Brunning shot the lone perfect 300 game of the short-oil pattern to date this season, getting the help of a messenger (probably from the Bowling God) on the 10th ball, and then the six pin tripping the 10 pin on the 11th, and finally some good pin carry on the 12th. It sealed a great night for Forest Lanes in its quest to win the second round of the Brunswick Invitational.

Our “A” matchup was all in favor of the defending champion US Foods. It was Paul Barraco shooting a 654 series to help lead the former Sysco to a four-point win over a hot Cal Bowl team without its anchor, Leonard Ruiz. Cal Bowl was no slouch though, putting up a fight, led by Ramon Torres’ 637 series. In Game 3, Cal Bowl tried to come alive, shooting an 848 game and winning by 62 pins. They would come 42 pins shy of totals though. US Foods goes to 22 points for the round; the same as Cal Bowl, assuring a rematch next week on the final night of the round.

In the “B” matchup tonight, the tailspin continues for Don Julio Tequila, which dropped four more points, this time to Team Hu$tle. Hu$tle anchor Jello Gray also had the front nine strikes in Game 3, and just after Brunning finished his perfect game, it was Gray’s turn. He threw a beautiful ball in the pocket and crushed it – but that 10 pin we all know and hate so much stood up, looking right at he and the crowd hoping to cheer him on as well. He still shot a 279 and 677 for the night. Raul “Spanky” Rosales shot a 624 to lead Don Julio. Hu$tle goes to 21 wins for the round. Don Julio to 18.

Back to the story of the night and Brunning’s perfect game on this short-oil pattern. He started off with a 147 and Junior Amateur Tour (JAT) snuck out a 10-pin win in Game 1. What ensued wasn’t even close. Forest Lanes shot 1,013 in Game 3 including Brunning’s 300 game. Their low game, a 216 game was higher than all of JAT’s bowlers in that game. Forest’s 2,645 was 364-pins better than JAT for four points on the night. They go to 20 points for the round. JAT goes to 15.

After a very fast start by Buddy’s Bowling Supply and a 107-pin win in Game 1, it was all Tito’s Vodka, including a 182 payback win in Game 2. Game 3 was much closer – a three-pin win for Tito’s, which wound up with four points, led by sub Romeo Borillo’s 614 series. Buddy’s was led by Buddy Lucas’ 678. Tito’s goes to 18 wins for the round; Buddy’s now has 15.

Antonio Palangio shot a solid 667 en route to Bowling Guys’ four point victory over round one winner DV8, which was led by Jeff Carr’s 580 series. Bowling Guys goes to 17 points for the round, and DV8 to 14.

Captain Morgan entered the night with 12 wins, and left with 17 after a clean sweep of Bowlium. Ramiro Garcia led Captain Morgan with a 657. Butch Jackson was the leader for Bowlium with a 557. They stay with 13 wins for the season.

Five more wins for Kingpin Pro Shop in its latest sweep – this time taking it to 3 Olives Vodka and jumping to 16 wins for the round. Kingpin was led by Mike Villarreal’s 674 series. Eric Snow put up quite the fight but had no support – he shot a 635 series. 3 Olives stays at 12 wins for the round.

Saddleback Lanes got back on track in their matchup with Rednil Insurance Brokers. Susan Heffern turned in a solid 628 series, backed by games of 232 in Game 1 and 225 in Game 3. Jonathan Huezo was the high man for Rednil with a 578. Saddleback goes to 14 points on the season and Rednil to 10.

Building off the momentum of last week’s win, Keystone Lanes kept it going with four more wins over Professional Approach, led by Bill Heffern’s 290 game in Game 3 and 678 series. Professional Approach was led by Tom Sheridan’s 557. Keystone goes to 12 wins for the round; Professional Approach jumps to nine.

The final match of the evening saw Threadworks pick up a clean sweep of Century 21-PEAK, led by sub Brian Ritchie’s 577, taking the place of Mike Calvillo. Russell Skersick led the way for Century 21, which sits at 3 wins for the round. Threadworks goes to 12.

Cashing in the upper-division sidepot was Villarreal (236) for Game 1, Snow (244) for Game 2, and Bill Heffern (290) for Game 3.

Over to the lower division we saw Blayke Miller shoot 197 for Game 1, Aarik Torres with a 213 in Game 2 and 214 in Game 3.

The Financial Advisors Pot saw Garcia win $190 for shooting a 266. Snow gets $90 for his 244 game.

Another congratulations to Brunning for his 300 game on this sport pattern.

When asked if he ever thought he would shoot a perfect game on the short pattern, he said, “I never thought I would shoot a perfect game on any sport pattern!”

A few teams are left in contention going into the final night next Monday night? Who are you rooting for? Don’t just read about it, be a part of it! Bowling starts at 8 p.m. in Downey at beautiful Del Rio Lanes.