DOWNEY, Calif. — US Foods and Century 21 – PEAK started things off in the “A” match after a two-week hiatus in the Brunswick Invitational. Both teams entered the night tied with Junior Amateur Tour (JAT). Century 21 won the tiebreaker by two total pins (2175 to 2173) to earn the right to play in the “A” match in Week 2.

DV8 is on officially on a roll, coming into tonight’s “A” matchup with 18 wins in the round, opposing Forest Lanes with 15. The winners of the first round, DV8 flexed its muscles early, jumping out to a big 131-pin win in Game 1 behind Blayke Miller’s 205 game. Forest wouldn’t relent, getting a nice 246 game by Jon Diso to cut the lead down to just 54 pins.

Set the stage for Game 3, when it came down to the 10th frame. Bobby Hornacek throws the big four, needing just one pin (he was on a double) to seal the deal for Forest. He threw at the 6-10 and the ball hooked in. DV8 snuck by for a one-pin win and four points.

Jeff Carr led the now 22-win DV8 team with a 651. Diso was high man for Forest (now with 16 wins) with a 574.

The “B” match this week saw Cal Bowl (with 15 points) come into Game 3 and rip away an 83 deficit for a 96-pin win over 14-win Tito’s Vodka for three points. Rumor has it that Carl Labayan will return next week for Cal Bowl. Ramsey Basurto helped to pick things up for Cal with a 570. They jump to 18 points for the round. Gary Duran supplied a 565 for Tito’s Vodka, which now has 16 points.

A close matchup was what spectators saw Monday night between Don Julio Tequila (13.5 points) and US Foods (13). The defending champions of the Brunswick, US Foods pulled out a 13-pin win in Game 1. But Don Julio eked out a 14-pin win and an 11-pin win for four points. Raul Rosales led the way for Don Julio (going to 17.5 points) with 687. Gabriel Martinez was out of this world though, shooting 755 in the effort for US Foods, which goes to 14 points for the round.

No Bobby Campagnale for Buddy’s Bowling Supply, no problem. The 12-win team took four points from 11-point Threadworks after losing by nearly a hundred pins in Game 1! It was all Buddy’s after that, including a three-pin victory in Game 3. Buddy Lucas led the way for his team with a 594. Arnold Cheesman led Threadworks with a 583. Buddy’s goes to 16 points and Threadworks to 12.

Team Hu$tle got hustled by Captain Morgan, behind Joe Jimenez’s 637 set. Captain Morgan, with nine points entering the night, took all but the third game decisively, winning by 123 pins on the night. They go to 13 points for the round. Hu$tle was led by Brandon Grant’s 545. They go to 11 points.

Junior Amateur Tour (JAT) was tied with Professional Approach with nine points for the round, but handily took care of their counterparts with a 430-pin sweep. Anthony Santos was the high man with a 651 for JAT. They go to 14 points for the round. Sub Brient Killings led Professional Approach with 531.

Kevin Jones was among the league leaders on the night with his stellar 697 series, leading the way for eight-point Bowling Guys to take four points and jump up to 12 points for the round. Kingpin did win the second game by 74 pins, jumping up to 9.5 points for the round. Greg Neuer led Kingpin with a 598 set.

The middle two teams tied at eight points apiece were 3 Olives Vodka and Saddleback Lanes. The first game was quite close – 3 Olives pulled it out with an eight-pin win. From there, nothing was close. Eric Snow shot a 247 en route to his team-leading 592 set, pulling out a 175-pin win. Then it was Saddleback’s turn, as sub Nacho Vega shot a 228 on his way to a 579 set in a 97-pin win. 3 Olives took four to jump up to 12; Saddleback goes to nine points.

Century 21-PEAK was the last of the eight-win teams. It went up against a five-win Bowlium team that came out for blood. Danny Wilson led the way for Bowlium with a 648 series. It helped the team take a 208-pin victory and four points (losing the third game by 28). They go to nine points for the round. Mike Cammarata led the way for Century 21 with a 574. Century 21 also has nine points now.

Our final match of the evening saw a one-win Keystone Lanes sweep its way past five-win Rednil Insurance Brokers by 323 pins to get itself up to six points for the round. Keystone sub Chris Hefner led the way with a 667 series. Jonathan Huezo led the way for Rednil with a 493.

Cashing in the upper-division sidepot was Martinez for Game 1 (Arnold Cheesman second) and 2 (Jones second), and Rosales for Game 3, with Jones second.

Over to the lower division we saw Miller win Game 1, Steve Guerrieri take Game 2, and Basurto Game 3.

The Financial Advisors Pot saw Martinez win $190 for shooting a 278. Jimenez gets $90 for his 256 game.

It seems like bowlers have an idea of what to do on this tough pattern. Who figured it out? Who is just setting themselves up to get stuck more?

Don’t just read about it, be a part of it! Bowling starts at 8 p.m. in Downey at beautiful Del Rio Lanes.